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Take me down

Through the Streets of Chinatown


“Take me down

Through the streets of Chinatown

Show me that you know some places

God told me

Live a life of luxury

All our lives we've both been waiting”

These lyrics accompanied me as I created this fractured self-portrait project. I was visiting the Museum of Chinese Americans one day, and I was immediately intrigued by the exhibition of Bud Glick’s photographs. The images were so compelling to me because as a Chinese student studying in the US, I would often forget how my ancestors strived to establish a better life as a minority group. I learned that Chinese American history was filled with innumerable racist incidents and it had taken my ancestors a long time to confront the problems. The photographs not only encouraged me to investigate the life of Chinese Americans in the 80s, but they also inspired me to place myself back in the history as the subjects and I all cherished a deep love for our country and origins.


With the emergence of movies like Crazy Rich Asians and Black panther that are raising more racial awareness, we can perceive the beginning of a movement toward more inclusive storytellings in the art and entertainment industry. We are experiencing the dawn of a new era. We are all in some ways leading our way to change, just like what Bud Glick did through his project.

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