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Hypebeast, a word that emerged and became increasingly popular in recent years. The website is known for defining slang phrases--- Urban dictionary--- shared that this word refers to “kids that collect clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others.” While I don’t wholly agree with this statement as it is slightly biased, it is inarguable that my generation has a new and fresh way to demonstrate their traits and personalities with the way they dress. Through this project, I wanted to capture gen-zs, who are striving to become hypebeasts that other teenagers might look up to. 

As I was walking around in SOHO, New York, I saw many people around my age dressing in designer streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White, Palace, and many more. While the word hypebeast was initially meant as an insult among teenagers for those who looked faintly ridiculous dressed top-to-toe in expensive designer gear, I’ve always thought that the hypebeasts’ idea of being fashionable is essentially wearing all high-end brands together simultaneously. However, I was shocked by how much pride the teenagers had when I took pictures and complimented their outfits. One of the subjects shared that the reason he wears these clothes is that he gained a higher self-esteem dressing like a hypebeast. “I love when people say nice things about my clothes. I feel super good about myself.” He shared, as he was waiting to try on a 1000 dollars sneakers at Stadium Goods. 

Though I completely respect and value the hypebeast culture within my generation, I do sometimes feel like this culture enhanced our idea of showing off with “cool” clothing in order to fit into a peer group or one’s community. Yes, one’s appearance can change a lot of others’ perceptions, but we shouldn’t let luxury and expensive apparel define who we are. In short, we should strive for more than just hypebeasts in our lives. 

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